9th February 2016

Ambient, Decorative and Task Lighting:

Ambient light is the main light source generated within a room and can be a combination of different lighting, such ceiling spot-lights, pendants and wall lights. Ambient light will often create the overall mood of the room be it sophisticated, formal or relaxed. Ambient lighting sources often generate diffused light; this is the reflection of light from a surface which has been diffused into many angles. This creates a much softer light that produces fewer shadows within a room, rather than a precise directional light. Ambient light can also give and change the colour of the room which also helps to create different moods that can change or create atmosphere. Below are some examples of different ambient lighting:


Decorative lighting products include chandeliers and some pendants, wall and table lamps. With decorative lighting however, the form and design is more important than the light source it creates. The mood these products will create will be to enhance and bring out the specific design of a room. Some examples of decorative lighting can be seen below:


Task Lighting is used to bring light to a specific task or function, such as reading lamps, table pendants, under cupboard spot lighting and display case lighting. Task lighting is mainly directional light, which is light that illuminates a relatively small area with a distinct beam. Task lighting will often be used where a specific function is needed, however, it can also create quite a dramatic effect by highlighting the form of an object or texture within a room. This in turn can create quite a dramatic mood and atmosphere, particularly when used for display lighting purposes. Below are some examples of task lighting:


Lighting is a key element when putting together a room design and a well designed lighting scheme will often have a combination of ambient, decorative and task lighting within it.

20th January 2015

Inspirational Ideas Using Marsala, Pantone Colour of the Year 2015:

Following on from the announcement of the pantone colour of the year, the below inspiration board gives some ideas on how to add accents of the colour to your interiors through furnishings and accessories.


Marsala makes for an elegant statement color when used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colours. Below are some examples of where the colour has been incorporated beautifully in various rooms and interior styles.






24th November 2014

Tips on Colour Schemes in Interior Design:

By having an understanding of the colour wheel and of the technical aspects of colour, you can start to look at the way in which colours are used together to produce colour schemes. Three examples of colour schemes often used in interiors are monochromatic, harmonious and complementary.

A monochromatic colour scheme refers to the use of any tint, tone or shade of just one colour. For example; a monochromatic room can be created by using a shade of one colour on the woodwork, a tone of that colour on the walls and a tint of the same colour on the ceiling


A harmonious colour scheme incorporates colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel. They should incorporate at least two but no more than four or five colours, all of the same or similar tone as this prevents one colour from dominating.


A complementary colour scheme involves using colours that lie opposite to each other on the colour wheel and if used carefully this can create a very dramatic yet balanced effect. Complementary colours should not be given equal weight or intensity in a room as one colour will always dominate. Therefore, to use one as a predominant colour and the other as an accent colour can often work best.


13th November 2014

Autumnal Shades:

Why not try using tones of golden browns and flashes of warm oranges with green accents to create stunning interiors for autumn.


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